As our slogan states: “Stand on the ground, and look at the Cloud”, Motiva stands firmly on the ground and has its head in the Clouds.

Since Oracle committed to Cloud technology, at Motiva we have wanted to be pioneers of Cloud journey. To lead with example and get first-hand knowledge about Cloud advantages, in April 2018 after two years of study and training in Cloud, we migrated our on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud, earning flexibility, agility and reducing costs substantially.

Looking ahead to the future at present made us earn, in 2017, the award Oracle Partner of The Year FY17 in HCM category.

The whole Motiva team’s talent, the leadership in HCM and ERP, Cloud projects development for PaaS and LaaS and the whole Motiva team certifications were key to achieve Oracle’s recognition.

Today, we boast of successful cases linked to Cloud technology that have confirmed our recognition from Oracle as members of CEI (Cloud Excellence Implementer).

ORACLE, with the most complete and innovative technology stack and the widest applications suite as a service, enables the client to transform his business with the latest AI and Machine Learning.

At Motiva we advise and help our clients migrate to the Cloud, wherever their starting point is: Cloud deployment, old environments or hybrid implementations. Oracle Cloud stands out in the market thanks to its simplicity and scalability.

What is only an option with other providers, is an added service with Oracle, including in its Cloud applications a layer of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Block Chain, Automation or Internet of things (IoT).

Oracle stack includes more than a thousand Software as an Application (SaaS) that cover resource planning, performance, supplies, human capital or user experience.

Motiva has specialized in three areas:

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