What do our clients search for?

Ideas – Solutions – Innovation – Optimisation – Results – Personal service

What does Motiva offer?

Experience – Professionalism – Certification – Expertise – Constant updating – Quality – Assurance - Proximity – Humanity

Why do we work exclusively with Oracle?

The most complete stack – OUM Methodology – Agility – Flexibility – Investment – Research and Development – Competitiveness

We can help you if your business involves:

  • Economic-financial management
  • Human Resources and Payroll management
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Development
  • Integrations

Systems Consulting

The architecture of today’s systems demands profiles and specific knowledge for its installation, administration, evolution and integration.
Motiva Consulting manages system architecture teams that take charge of all the necessary tasks within the Oracle Administrative Systems and of the elements that compose it.
With training, certifications and broad experience in a range of operating systems platforms, databases, performance and incident management tools, we offer all the essential services for any implementation, however complex, from its planning.
Our goal is to deliver technological solutions to our clients that meet their requirements.

  • Infrastructure dimensioning
  • Platform updating
  • Security audit
  • Contingency and continuity plans
  • Capacity and availability plans
  • Support centres
  • Virtualisation strategies

Systems support

Motiva Consulting has teams involved in every area, design, technology or development; we take all the necessary actions to understand the client’s needs, his distinguished features and his views of the business. We include all the elements installed inside Oracle systems architecture.

Action areas:

  • Autonomous Database
  • Database lifecycle maintenance
  • Replica systems/Cloud backups
  • PeopleSoft Administration
  • Operating Systems Administration
  • OACS
  • Data Visualization
  • Oracle Day by Day
  • Oracle Business Intelligence On-Premise integration
  • Webservice REST
  • Microservices Developing
  • Services BUS

We also have in our facilities a testing laboratory to recreate the situation of our clients’ facilities.

Applications Consulting

When it comes to implement a corporate management solution, companies need the collaboration of real experts to carry out the analysis, the definition and the development of their business processes within the chosen solution.
Motiva Consulting plays a part in the fact that the investment made by the companies contribute to the improvement of their processes and resource optimisation, facilitating a prompt return on investment.
Since our creation and with consulting teams of experts we carry out:

Applications support

Once a corporate management solution has been implemented, companies’ dynamism and the pace at which technology market evolves demand the maintenance and growth of the implemented solutions.
Motiva Consulting, in the pursuit of constant improvement, help companies maintain their solutions at the highest technological and functional level possible, advising about the necessary steps to meet the companies’ requirements along their own evolution.

Functional support:

  • Consultancy and issues resolution of daily application operations.
  • Systems adaptation to the organisational or operational needs of our clients.

Technical support:

  • Consultancy and issues resolutions of Oracle development tools.

Action areas:

  • Corrective maintenance: resolution of different products incidents and customised developments.
  • Adaptive maintenance: configuration or developments aimed at systems’ adaptation to legal or organisational needs that our client might face.
  • Evolutionary maintenance: adjustments or development to improve the performance of Oracle applications, on whichever aspects required.

Oracle-PeopleSoft training

From Oracle/PeopleSoft training services, Motiva Consulting has given and gives customised training to a wide variety of clients and in many functional and technical areas.

  • Courses about finance, distribution, Human Resources and Payroll and Customer relationship.
  • Courses about technical administration systems, data management tools, security, installation, etc.
  • Courses about development tools for PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, PeopleCode, Application Engine, Crystal Reports, Query, Integration tools, XML Publisher, etc.

Contact us to get your customised training programme.

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